Mrs. SaniClean is modeled after the founder of the SaniClean company. She’s all about cleanliness, but with a great twist: She’s got a knack for finding smart solutions to everyday cleaning challenges.

The concept for the SaniClean company, and Mrs. SaniClean, goes back many years: Our founder started a cleaning business and found himself compelled to do a much better job than the competition. He devoted himself to cleaning not just for looks – he wanted to make sure clean was sanitary, too. SaniClean was born out of this focus on smart ingredients, clever applications, and good, clean, sanitary results.

SaniClean is located in the very clean, very green Willamette Valley, in Eugene, Oregon. We value USA-sourced ingredients and labor and are committed to carrying products that are gentle on the Earth, your home and family.

Keep track of Mrs. SaniClean as we roll out more great products and innovative tools. You’re going to love our focus on the smarter way to clean. Follow us on social media, and share your cleaning stories with us.