Product Details

Our Mrs. SaniClean line-up strikes the perfect balance of aggressive cleaning power and ingredients that keep your surfaces and skin in mind. From heavy-duty aerosols to easy-on-the-hands wipes for metal surfaces, we get the job done, gently.

Each formulation was developed based on our decades in the cleaning business. Our solutions allow us to deliver ultra-clean, ultra-fast –- and now we’re sharing them with you.


Glass Aerosol Cleaner

Ever walked into a door? Yes, we have. And that's the only fault we can find with our SaniClean Glass formula in earth-friendly aerosol. If there's such a thing as too clean, this takes us to the edge. No streaks, smears or film. So wipe away, and watch where you're going!

Granite & Marble Aerosol Cleaner

We love our granite and marble -- when it's clean and shiny! Our Granite & Marble aerosol cleaner is a light-duty formula for daily use. It is biodegradable (perfect for use in the kitchen) and easy to use. This spray foam cleans and conditions and removes grease, food residue and fingerprints. And of course, we love our sparkle: this fresh-smelling spray restores brilliance and dries without even a hint of a streak.

Heavy Duty Aerosol Cleaner

For ovens, automotive and all-around degreasing super power, call on our Heavy Duty Degreaser in aerosol form. It attacks grease, tar, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesive. Yet it's still gentle on your hands and surfaces. Dries on its own, leaving no residue. Pleasant citrus scent.


Glass Wipes

If there’s one product that absolutely must come in wipe form it’s our Glass Cleaner. From mirrors and windows to your car, you’ll wish you had a tub of these with you everywhere you go.

Heavy Duty Wipes

The obsessive cleaning power that you'd expect from us, but in an ultra-thick, super-tough wipe form. No more rags, cloths or tattered paper towels to deal with. And by our estimate, one wipe will let you hit a long stretch of workbench, your car’s grimy wheels and hubs, or one extremely messy eater. Results vary by mess!

Stainless Steel Wipes

We love our stainless steel, but for those of us obsessed with fingerprints and smears, it’s a surface that taunts. Start loving your stainless again; grab one of our wipes and with barely a motion, things will be clean, smudge-free and shiny. And you’ll be smiling.


SaniSponge, 3-Pack

This handy 3-pack of germ-resistant sponges is color-coded to help you avoid cross-contamination. You'll never mistake your kitchen sponge for your bathroom sponge -- or vice versa -- again. These sponges have an antibacterial agent in them to keep them fresh longer.

SaniTowel for Multi-Surfaces

Mrs. SaniClean’s SaniTowel for Multi-Surfaces is a 16”x16” microfiber towel for any clean-up job. These washable, re-usable terry-type microfiber towels are made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers that allow the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive or leaving lint behind. They are safe to use on windows, smooth and coarse surfaces and even automotive finishes.

SaniTowel for Glass

Mrs. SaniClean’s SaniTowel for Glass is a premium microfiber towel that’s specially woven to deliver superior absorption and leave your glass free of streaks and lint. They are a smarter way to clean windows and mirrors. Use them with our spectacular Mrs. SaniClean Glass Cleaner or plain water. Reusable and washable! Clever cleaning continues with Mrs. SaniClean!



Mrs. SaniClean’s SaniCloth is a handy 6" x 6" microfiber silk cloth that effortlessly removes smudges from fingerprints, skin oil, dust and other particles from all smooth surfaces – especially eyeglasses, sunglasses and electronics! So why risk scratching your expensive lenses and electronics by not having the right cloth handy? These are so inexpensive you can always have one on hand. Depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned, you might want to first use the cloth to gently brush away contaminants. Then, taking the cloth in your fingers, wipe away any remaining contaminants until a clean, clear, sparkling surface is left.